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Health when you're self-employed - Sept 2019

When you're self employed, it's not always possible to take a much needed break from work when a health problem occurs.  Time off that would be vital to your recovery could mean that you lose vital income.  With some preocedures having long waiting lists on the NHS, is there another way?

We all know the NHS does amazing work under difficult cirumstances but, when you are in business, the more quickly you can get seen, the more quickly you can get back to work.

Health insurance gives you the ability to take control of your healthcare; diagnosis and treatment at a time to suit you.  This can reduce the stress and worry from both running your business, your life balanace and your long term health.

Many different policies are availble with a wide range of cover so shop around and be sure to read the small print!  If in doubt, ring and ask what is covered.


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